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Family Tree

Our Females



 Victorian Treasure Velvet

Velvet is a homegrown chocolate colorpoint girl. She is the sweetest girl every and hopefully will be having her first litter this year . Love this girl.



This is a good picture to show the diffference between a blue and a lilac. Pansy is on the left and is a lilac mitted. Glitter is on the right and is a blue mitted. You can see the blue is alot grayer than a lilac. Pansy is also a lot older so has alot more color in than Glitter. So you can see how light the lilacs are.

Dollhouse Glitter and Glamour  RETIRED

This girls named Glitter,for her darling little glitter of a blaze on her forehead. She is such a sweetheart and a nice heavy , sweet girl. We love her pedigree as she hasMr.Green Genes . Forever in Blue Genes , Dollhouse Barbie, Tommy Hilfiger , Chatandoll, Merripawpin and many other wonderful ragdolls in her background. As you can see her eyes are just magnetic . We think she will do wonderful in the show hall this year. THank you JaNeil for this wonderful girl .


Va Va Voom Vanessa RETIRED

Vanessa is a gorgeous seal bicolor girl that hs been to some shows and the judges love her . She has gorgeous blue eyes and she has great size. She has the darkest pure seal tail on her . I wish all my cats had the nice tail color like she does. She should be having her first litter this year .  



Victorian Treasure Pebbles RETIRED

Pebbles is a beautiful blue bicolor girl from Durango and USA dolls Trudi. She has 3 other gorgeous sisters like her . One is at Rags2dazzle cattery and barely missed being a 1 show Grand Champion by just a few points. Pebbles is just as beautiful. This girl was over 10 pounds at 8 months old. We expect to get some beautiful big babies from her this year .



Izzy--Izzy is a sweet wonderful seal bicolor girl with the most wonderful head. I like that little shorter nose and chubby muzzle . She has it all .
***Izzy has a litter of 4 seal bicolors and all 4 are gorgeous quality . Some may go as breeders. Contact me if you are interested .








Abby Rose is a big heavy girl. She is a blue lynx mitted girl with the most wonderful big blue eyes. She had kittens earlier this year and didn't seem to lose an ounce. She is a sturdy girl. We love this girl and hope to get a new litter this winter or spring from her .






Darlinlildolls Delilahs Delight

Delilah is a half sister to the girl on this page Pippi. She is a bit older and is the biggest love bucket you have ever been around. Everyone is her friend. She loves all kindsof attention and can't imagine that anyone and everyone  would not want her on their lap . She is a blue mitted girl with wonderful eye color and great boning and coat . Watch for her in the show hall as well as her sister. Thanks , Gail .




Lilac Mitted

Ashley is a lilac mitted girl with the most beautiful eyes I have seen. They are almost a purple blue. It is very hard to photograph the lilac color. It is more of a mushroomy pink color. Not blue. Once you see a lilac in person , you will not mistake it for a blue. I am going to have alot more information on my lilac and chocolate page We hope Ashleys kittens get her eye color .






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